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This kernel is (C) 1991 Linus Torvalds, but all or part of it may be redistributed provided you do the following:

— Full source must be available (and free), if not with the distribution then at least on asking for it.

— Copyright notices must be intact. (In fact, if you distribute only parts of it you may have to add copyrights, as there aren’t (C)’s in all files.) Small partial excerpts may be copied without bothering with copyrights.

— You may not distribute this for a fee, not even “handling” costs.



Acceptable Use Policy


(1) NSFNET Backbone services are provided to support open research and education in and among US research and instructional institutions, plus research arms of for-profit firms when engaged in open scholarly communication and research. Use for other purposes is not acceptable.


(2) Communication with foreign researchers and educators in connection with research or instruction, as long as any network that the foreign user employs for such communication provides reciprocal access to US researchers and educators.

(3) Communication and exchange for professional development, to maintain currency, or to debate issues in a field or subfield of knowledge.

(4) Use for disciplinary-society, university-association, government-advisory, or standards activities related to the user’s research and instructional activities.

(5) Use in applying for or administering grants or contracts for research or instruction, but not for other fundraising or public relations activities.

(6) Any other administrative communications or activities in direct support of research and instruction.

(7) Announcements of new products or services for use in research or instruction, but not advertising of any kind.

(8) Any traffic originating from a network of another member agency of the Federal Networking Council if the traffic meets the acceptable use policy of that agency.

(9) Communication incidental to otherwise acceptable use, except for illegal or specifically unacceptable use.


(10) Use for for-profit activities unless covered by the General Principle or as a specifically acceptable use.

(11) Extensive use for private or personal business. This statement applies to use of the NSFNET Backbone only. NSF expects that connecting networks will formulate their own use policies. The NSF Division of Networking and Communications Research and Infrastructure will resolve any questions about this Policy or its interpretation.


Aladdin Free Public License

NCSA Mosaic


Netscape Navigator

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