Open Source Database Companies

Company Project Foundation Status Open Source License Closed License
ArangoDB ArangoDB None Private Apache 2.0 Private
Cloudera Hadoop Apache Public Apache 2.0 Cloudera Standard License
Cockroach Labs CockroachDB None Private Apache 2.0 CockroachDB Community License
Confluent Kafka Apache Private Apache 2.0 Confluent Community License
DataStax Cassandra Apache Private Apache 2.0 DataStax Enterprise Terms, DataStax OpsCenter License Terms, DataStax Studio License Terms, DataStax DSE Driver License Terms, DataStax Developer License Terms
Databricks Spark Apache Private Apache 2.0 Private
Elastic Elasticsearch None Public Apache 2.0 Elastic License
Hibernating Rhinos RavenDB None Private Apache 2.0 End User License Agreement for RavenDB Software
Hortonworks Hadoop Apache Public Apache 2.0 License Agreement for Teradata Connector, Hive ODBC Driver License Agreement, Hive JDBC Driver License Agreement, Hive ODBC Driver for Apache Phoenix License Agreement
MapR Hadoop Apache Private Apache 2.0 MapR End User License Agreement
MariaDB MySQL MariaDB Foundation Private GPLv2 Business Source License, Product Terms and Conditions
MongoDB MongoDB None Public Server Side Public License Private
Neo4j Neo4j None Private GPLv3 Private
OmniSci MapD None Private Apache 2.0 OmniSci Community Edition End User License Agreement
Redis Labs Redis None Private Three-Clause BSD Redis Source Available License Agreement
SQLite SQLite None Private Public Domain SQLite License and Waranty of Title